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Dordrecht, Hofstraat by B-F-G-STOCK
Dordrecht, Hofstraat
One of the more picturesque streets in the old town of Dordrecht, the Netherlands. It must be said it's not as authentic as it appears. As other sections of the city fell prey to post-war development, some of the prettier gables were moved here. Luckily the development projects weren't that extensive, and left enough of the old town to spend a day in wondering about in.
Dordrecht, the old court by B-F-G-STOCK
Dordrecht, the old court
This is a view of an ancient complex of buildings in the centre of the Dutch city of Dordrecht, known as het Hof (the court). Originally built as an Augustinian monastery, it served several purposes throughout the ages, including city hall, and palace to William of Orange and the earl of Leicester.
Loenersloot Castle 2 by B-F-G-STOCK
Loenersloot Castle 2
A view of the front of Loenersloot Castle, near Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Although it has undergone a number of refurbishings, both inside and out, the structure is still mostly medieval. Originally it consisted of the large round keep tower, which was surrounded by a multiangular wall and a moat. Over the course of the middle ages, several residential wings were added, until it reached its present size by the mid 17th century. During the 18th century, it was remodelled to resemble a country mansion, much like the little palaces that dot the nearby river Vecht. This resulted in the loss of the gatehouse, the last remaining bit of curtain wall, and several gables. During the 19th century, it was remodeled to resemble what  19th century architects thought a medieval castle ought to have looked like, regardless of what it actually looked like. This resulted in the rather tasteless frieze and the typical 19th century fake medieval windows.


hi there :)
Current Residence: Rijen, the Netherlands
Favourite genre of music: too many to name
Favourite photographer: corbijn, lanting
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Favourite cartoon character: Hobbes, Tigger, Eusebio, Gilles Geus, Heinz, Dirk & Desiree, Dirk-Jan, fokke & sukke
Hi there :)

Hello and i welcome you to my stock account.

For quite ome time now i have struggled to keep my original gallery balanced, trying not to focus too much on architecture and not too much on animal photography. As of late i have started to upload much more architecture and streetscape shots. As a result, despite the fact that my architecture shots seem to be growing in popularity, browsing my gallery was about to become a bit too boring i felt. Unless you are actually looking for it, too many gothic cathedrals photographed in sunset light will eventually get boring (at least, that is my opinion).

The page you are now is meant for those "looking for it". Here i will upload all the architecture and streetscape shots that i find worth sharing with people and of which i know people will want to see them (as proven on my main DA page).

With this page in place i can keep my main page a lot more varied, showing only those non-animal photographs with an extra nice story behind them, and a better than average composition or lighting.

Meanwhile, this here account is a stock account, meaning you can use all the photographs posted here as reference or stock for your own art. Although there are ofcourse some rules. These are as follows:

Q: can i use (insert name of submission here) as a reference for my drawing/painting/sculpture or can i use your photograph as stock in my photomanipulation?

A: of course! there have been a growing number of people who have used my photographs in their works of art. it makes me happy to know that my shots are able to inspire so many talented artists. but do keep in mind that i have a small nuber of conditions when you want to use my work. i'll list them here:

1: ask me first please. i would like to keep track of who does what with which photograph. but i do not consider it a disaster or an unforgivable offence or anything silly like that if you happen to forget. but i may get angry and take action if your art also violates any of the following conditions.

2: credit where credit is due. please mention your source if you use one of my works and post the result on DA or similar places. it's common courtesy.

3: do not use works made from my photographs for commercial purposes please. although under special circumstances we may come to an agreement about this. contact me if you have special plans with it.

These last two rules basically constitute the Creative Commons license under which my photographs are released here, on Wikimedia Commons, and

Apart from these rules, I have some requests:

4: do not use my photographs for political art. well.... it depends on what the subject is really. i mean, would you like your art to be used to support a political standpoint you oppose? contact me and we'll discuss it if you have plans like that (although granted, I doubt a situation like this will ever come up).

5: do not use my photographs to create religious or religion inspired works of art. i understand that some people have a need to have some sort of belief and i understand that they have a need to give expression to their beliefs in some way but keep me and my photographs out of it. i do not wish to have any part in it. there is no discussion possible about this. Any photographs i take of churches are meant as a tribute to the talents of the architects, master masons, builders and artists involved in designing and building these structures and to me are no different than photographs taken of Roman or Greek temple ruins.

Q: Do you have images bigger than 800 pixels?

A: I usually do. If you request a bigger sized picture, please note me and i will send it to you.
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